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My Classes


"Practice Safely" - It is my motto whenever I am on the mat. In order to achieve the longevity of the yoga practice, knowing your physical body and performing the correct alignment is always the key.


Whether it is in my Yoga 101 classes or advanced Vinyasa Flow, alignment is a huge focus in my teaching. Coupled with hands-on adjustment, you are not mimicking the shape of an asana, but approaching each movement and asana in a safe way.

We not only practice yoga. We practice self care and self love as well.


Vinyasa, the connection between breath and movement, which is no doubt the most widely practiced style of modern yoga. It is also one of my favorite classes to teach as I am deeply drawn to the beauty of this rhythm of movements.

One Breath, One Movement. This is true Moving Meditation.


Ladder Flow, a vinyasa based sequence where postures are gradually added to each round of the flow. By the end of the class, you will have practiced the sequence couple of times as you find your body and mind stronger and more aligned together.


Repetition, it not only builds up muscle memories, but also bring us to a meditative state.

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